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Freelance writer/editor

I've been working with words as a writer and editor for more than 30 years. I write articles for newspapers and magazines, copy for websites and books. Whatever your project, I can help you tell your story.

I'm also an editor and proofreader, well-versed in AP style and unfazed by deadlines.

Let me know how I can help.

Recent work

JAX gum plant0003.jpg

Union Camp's Legacy

Pine Chemicals Review

It's been 20 years since the end of Union Camp Corp., but former employees still relate the storied past of the paper and chemical company.


Disrupting charity

Florida Times-Union 

The internet and new federal laws are disrupting the way people give to charities, and the nonprofit sector is scrambling to adjust.


Keeping IoT safe


The internet of things is a critical part of innovation throughout business and industry, but cybercriminals are innovating, too.

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